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“Once again you have proved yourself as a top notch travel specialist. You saved us so much worry and fear. The leg in London was made especially awesome in part by your planning along with the help of our personal guide. Please pass along to his superiors what an asset he was to us and is to their company”
LM TE September 2014
“Sincerely Paul was there at the airport – and very professional. While many drivers have crude cardboard signs, roughly hand-written, the driver had an iPad with my name on it – so he was very easy to spot!”
JL RK September 2014
“I never worry when we send clients to you”
JE EH September 2014
“The trip was absolutely out-of-this-world wonderful!!! I don’t think that there is one bad thing I could say”
VW August 2014
“My clients had a fabulous time and loved their guide. Thank you for making me look so good!!!”
PT TX August 2014
“It is always a pleasure working with you”
VG SP August 2014
“My client wanted to be sure I told you how much they enjoyed their Hidden London tour. Given they had been to London several time before, this was a perfect option for them and they thoroughly enjoyed it. She said she would recommend the tour and the guide to anyone that wanted something different or unusual! The whole family just loved it!”
CO CT August 2014
“I know this was a total group effort and I appreciate all of you more than you can know!”
LB TC August 2014
“We hit a home run with this one! The whole family loved their guides Sally and Mike, and had a fabulous time in
London. Thanks to you and your team and please send special thanks to Sally and Mike”
PW RC August 2014
“It has sincerely been a pleasure for me to work with you (“sincerely” pun intended). I am sure that we will again in the near future. All roads seem to lead to, or through, London this year. Thank you for all of the great assistance and recommendations”
GN HJ July 2014
“The weather in London is much better. Warm & sunny but not humid. We have an amazing tour guide & driver. Both are fabulous. The food has been great. The hotel is in a great location & is good. The speedboat tour on the Thames was a highlight for Henry – I’m sure that will be what he says was his favourite activity. We are definitely making a list of things we want to do next time we are here! It’s been a fabulous trip. Thank you so much for helping us plan it!”
JF TE July 2014
“Thanks for all of your hard work on this. I will certainly let all our agents know about Sincerely Paul”
SM TO July 2014
“I am so thankful to have a reliable person to depend on for clients – it means more than you know, and I look forward to doing business again in the future!”
CS GE June 2014
“Thank you so much for your wonderful service and treatment of my guests”
NC ST June 2014
“Based on this, we’re going on EXACTLY what you have planned —great work, thank you soooo much!”
RE PT June 2014
“You have absolutely NO idea how incredibly helpful you have been. Any piece of this puzzle that I can give to Sincerely Paul (and there will be some) is all yours. I am deeply appreciative because it is “over my head”
SR PT May 2014
“The seats were excellent last night, we enjoyed Matilda immensely!! Also, our guide was terrific. We had a wonderful touring experience all 3 days…..thanks for all!”
TF PR April 2014
“Everything was amazing. The Corinthia was exceptional. Our guide was exceptional and very adaptable. We loved London and the Cotswolds.”
RE PT April 2014
“Thank you so much for working hard with my group! They had a great time and loved their tour!”
CK TE March 2014
“Many thanks once again for your great work and assistance! I will be in touch soon with another request, I’m sure!”
BL TL March 2014
“I just have one thing to say, YOU SAVED MY LIFE, thank you so much! I know that the client choose all the services on the last minute. This is very good to work with you!”
LX PT February 2014
“Thank you so much, you are taking excellent care of my clients  (and me) already!”
AS PT February 2014
“The details have worked out well. Thank you for your efforts. Michael was wonderful and my children had a lovely
LT PT February2014
“The trip was fabulous! Everything really worked out great – the guide that Paul provided, Jeffrey, was terrific and both of the boys really felt comfortable with him and both commented on what a great guide he was. So, he did great with all of us. I was thrilled to see Alexander and PJ really get interested in the sights and the history; it was helpful that Alexander had just finished his Henry the 8th studies at school. We had great weather – no rain, if you can believe that. All of the dining was great.”
NM ST November 2011
“Great job, Team Paul”
RB JT July 2013
“I can’t thank you enough for making their trip so special. I of course will be using you in the future as I am a big fan
of happy clients! Thanks again for providing a wonderful service for them”
MR July 2013
“We are having a great time already; everything is just perfect and beautiful.”
AG PT June 2013
“First, let me say what a pleasure it was to meet you, Paul, Second, I JUST spoke with my client. She called me to say that her multi-generational trip of nine females to London was FABULOUS. Believe me, they had a VERY busy schedule and saw and did so many different things and just had a BLAST!”
DK TA August 2013

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