Join a Whisky Tour of Scotland

No visit to Scotland is complete without a dram of the national drink. Visit some of the most beautiful areas of the country as you discover the famous Scottish amber-coloured spirit with one of our knowledgeable guides. Witness the distillation process uncovered, see the distillery and whiskey production in action in a behind the scenes tour.

Photo 01From the producer of the best-selling blended whisky in the USA to the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Whisky, visit one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland; Observe both traditional and modern distillery techniques as you explore Scotland’s largest, smallest and most picturesque distilleries. See the World’s largest collection of Scotch Whiskies; and the oldest. Delve into the world of Scotland’s favorite blended whisky, witness handmade techniques using original equipment and experience all stages of the whisky making process from mashing and fermenting to distilling and maturing.