‘A Country Skill’ Experience”

‘A Country Skill’ Experience – A private visit to a Lavender Farm, we’re not going mad! Although Provence is around a 1,000 miles away it’s just a tad to far for us to visit in a day, we’re fortunate in the Cotswolds has its very own stunning lavender farm, we visit before the gates open the farmer is going to give us a private run down of the farm, he will explain the varities of lavender, how it’s farmed and then finally how it’s produced and placed into products in the shop. This private experience is a truly unique for anybody with a horticultural background or general interest in flowers. Then its time to learn about Sheepdogs and see how they are trained, we now have a rare exclusive tailor-made experience and one of the finest in this field in the UK. We have on board the World’s best Sheepdog handler who is a current part of the England National Team. We will turn up to his farm near Bourton on the Water and we will explain in depth how he does what he does, demonstrate his skills for a while, let you have a go and then show you a full demonstration of herding a flock of sheep with his working dogs.   We finish with a falconry display, a one hour experience where under the guidance of one of our falconers you will have the opportunity to handle a variety of birds of prey to allow you to get to know the vagaries and differences of each individual. Oh and yes we will have a pub lunch J.